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Ahtyamov Mavlit Kalimovich

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Products And Services
Bactericidal reflectors
In stock 
Group: Bactericidal reflectors
Set of laboratory bakery equipment (KOHP)
In stock 
145000 RUB
A set of baking laboratory equipment is designed for test baking of bakery products during the development of technological processes and control analyzes of the quality of flour of baked products in the production laboratories of bakeries, flour mills, and departments of the State Bread...
Group: Baking furnaces
Infrared analyzer
In stock 
InfraLUM® FT - 10 infrared analyzer is a stationary laboratory device that can quickly determine the composition and quality of products such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, wheat and rye flour, corn, soy, soy flour, soybean meal, sunflower meal and meal, meat and bone meal, fish meal, fodder yeast,...
Group: Analyzers of grain quality
Portable Soil Laboratory AST
In stock 
Simplicity, ease and usability. Ready to use at any time. One system - several types of analysis. A new line of portable field laboratories for soil analysis. High - quality reagents and unique recipes provide a quick, simple and extremely accurate analysis of the chemical and physical parameters...
Group: Moving laboratories
Electric mills
Not available 
Group: Electric mills
Disinfection unit
In stock 
The unit is intended for disinfection of livestock buildings, sanitation of farm animals , as well as disinfection of warehouses, cattle distilleries, exhibitions of farm animals and other objects in all climatic zones of Russia and the CIS countries at an ambient temperature of at least + 5 °...
Group: Equipment for the Farm
In stock 
Group: Tractors
Spare parts for agricultural machinery
In stock 
An order for an amount of 50,000 rubles or more.   011 - 015 - 25 - 2 - 2 ring 082 - 1103010 Cork (plast. ) 082 - 1103010 Plug (plast. ) (Analog) 082 - 1103010 plug (plastic) 082 - 1103010 - A Fuel tank plug (alumin. ) (U) 100 - 14.20 - 02 Pump - Dispenser (SU001K2) MTZ - 80/82, 882 /...
Group: Spare parts for agricultural machinery
Grain processing complex
In stock 
Productivity when loading grain 90 tons / hour, Productivity when dressing seeds up to 25 tons / hour. casting range - 21m. ZPK is a two - in - one machine. Within 30 minutes, the unit is prepared for work in the pickling mode or in the throwing and loading of grain. The efficiency of this machine...
Group: Grain-processing facilities
In stock 
The DUO 680, DUO 740 twin - rotor row rakes are machines that we recommend especially for those who are looking for universal solutions. The rake can be mowed in one or two rolls; hydraulic adjustment of the working width and thereby the width of the roll using a variable angle of inclination of...
Group: Rake-tedders
Tires for agricultural machinery
In stock 
Tires, car cameras for agricultural machinery under the order   Car camera 11.2 / 12.4 - 24 TR218 Car camera 11.2 - 20 (RF) Car camera 11.2 - 20 TR - 218A Car camera 11.2 - 24 NEXEN TR218A (11.2 / 10 - 24, 12.4 / 11 - 24, 280/85 - 24, 320/70 - 24, 320/85 - 24) Car camera 12.4 - 16 Car camera...
Group: Tires for tractors
Customs escorts
Group: Customs escorts
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